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New Forms of Dental X-Rays

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of xray from Thomas Plunkett, DMD in Lakeland, FLYou may be familiar with the bitewing X-rays most adults suffered through since X-rays became common in dentistry in the 1950s. Bitewing X-rays were not tolerated well by all patients because they were uncomfortable and triggered some of the gag reflexes of some patients. Luckily, X-ray technology has improved dramatically, especially over the past 30 years. Here is a brief look at all of the new X-ray technology our dentists can use to help patient outcomes.

Digital X-Rays

In the past, X-rays were on X-ray film and could only be transferred in one form with patient records. However, in the 1990s, with the advent of the internet and digital photos, dentists began experimenting with digital X-rays. Digital X-rays have a lot of advantages over the traditional photographic X-ray process.

Digital X-rays are immediately available to dentists so they can quickly spot problems. Also, digital X-rays can be transferred from dentist to dental hygienist and back in a practice in seconds. They can even be shared between dental practices during a consultation. They are also more comfortable than bitewing X-rays.

Moving Forward With X-Ray Technology

There are some interesting improvements in digital X-ray technology in the 21st century. Because computer power and speed have increased dramatically, dentists can see your teeth and mouth structures like never before. One amazing adaptation is subtraction radiography. This technique allows dentists to look at an X-ray and get rid of all of the parts of your mouth that have not changed so that they can clearly see changes quickly.

Also, digital X-ray equipment has improved, and many dentists can take X-rays without the patient putting anything in their mouths at all. Panoramic X-rays give dentists a wide view of all of your mouth structures, which is a great diagnostic tool. Dentists can also use 3D imaging to make models of your teeth through the X-ray process, which can help diagnose problems and create fixes quickly. For example, many dentists use 3D imaging and printers to create crowns, inlays, and onlays.

If you want to learn more about dental X-ray technology, you can come view the latest technology available at our office. Why not schedule an appointment today?

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