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How do I get rid of the stain on my teeth?

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Thomas Plunkett DMD
How do I get rid of the stain on my teeth?Teeth stains have notably two primary colors, brown and yellow, and the detrimental effects it has on the patients are beyond mention. Stained teeth are the worst, from reducing one's self-confidence to impacting their ideal smile when interacting with other people. There are two types of staining agents, extrinsic and intrinsic. The former comes outside the body and causes stains to your teeth, while the latter occurs when something in the body is the cause of your stained teeth. All in all, here are some of the possible causes of your stained teeth.

Use of Tobacco Products

Tobacco smokers are characterized by yellow stains as well as other harmful hazards. The nicotine in tobacco products causes stains on the back and front teeth.


As one ages, the enamel naturally wears out, exposing the yellowish inner part of teeth, the dentin hence the look of stained teeth in your mouth. Dentists claim that it is familiar with yellowish teeth at an older age.

Tea and Coffee Intake

While this forms part of our regular morning meals, many people are unaware of its implications on our teeth. With their frequent use, black tea and coffee cause brown stains on the teeth.

Restoration Treatments

At our practices, we offer treatments for patients with stained teeth. Options such as using hydrogen peroxide solutions by our dentists work best. Furthermore, the in-office procedures are effective and last longer than other at-home treatments.

Our dentists can also recommend some of the best working over-the-counter medications depending on your prevailing situations. We advise our patients to take the specified whitening toothpaste and strips for better results.

Ensure you visit our offices for dental checkups and prevent the development of stains on your teeth. In the case of stained teeth, we offer ideal solutions. Contact us today to book an appointment with us.

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