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Oral Cancer Screening
Lakeland, FL

Close up of dentist examining a patient's mouth with a dental mirrorWith the continuing rise in cancer cases all across the country and more specifically, oral cancer diagnoses, there has been a significant increase in the role that dental professionals may be able to play in helping to discover the early warning signs of cancer. This may be able to help get it treated while it is still in its early stages. Our clinic here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD is staffed with expert oral health practitioners who are well-versed in the science and technology behind these advanced screenings.

Reasons to Get Screened

Besides the obvious reason that it may help to save your life, the simplest one is because it just makes sense to stay on top of issues that can be better addressed if found early. Although nothing can guarantee a person beating any type of cancer, in nearly all cases the odds of successful treatment go up exponentially the earlier it is detected.

Making an appointment with our dentist to have an oral cancer screening in most instances will reveal nothing to be concerned with. However, on the rare occasions where the early stages of cancer can be seen developing, the opportunity it gives you to get started on therapy immediately can literally be the difference between life and death.

Screening Techniques

In most cases, the oral cancer screening techniques employed by the dentist are simple techniques not unlike any other type of exam or checkup. There is no preparation required for this type of testing so you won’t be required to take any steps prior to your visit. Basically, the dental technician will examine the inside of your mouth thoroughly, looking for any red or white sores or patches.

After that, you will get checked for any lumps, growths or other abnormalities on the gums, cheeks, as well as the roof and floor of your mouth. In some instances, the dentist may also check the throat and neck area as well. For the times where further testing and investigation may be warranted, there are multiple other procedures designed to determine if there is cause for alarm. A common one is where the dental professional may use an oral cancer screening dye or light to get a better idea of what is going on.

The dye is made up of a special solvent that turns abnormal cells blue after the patient rinses with it. The specialized light makes normal tissue appear dark and abnormal tissue white when shown inside the mouth of the patient. None of these steps are guaranteed to find or diagnose any specific problem, but when it comes to a disease as deadly as cancer, every tool that you can use in defense and early detection can make a huge difference

Oral cancer, just like every other form of cancer is nothing to take lightly. Even if you have no reason to believe that there may be an issue, the rise in cases makes having an exam more than worth it. Here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD our dental care providers can quickly perform a simple checkup to determine your risk. Call us at 863-372-1010 for more information.

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Oral Cancer Screening - Dentist Lakeland, FL - Thomas Plunkett, DMD
Our clinic here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD is staffed with expert oral health practitioners who can provide dental exams and advanced oral cancer screenings. Call us today!
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