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Periodontal Care
Lakeland, FL

Woman leaning back in dental chair looking up at dentistThere are numerous different forms of specialized care within any medical field and dentistry is certainly no exception. There are several specific and distinct treatments and therapies for any given type of care from preventative to cosmetic to restorative, as well as many others. When it comes to periodontal care specifically, it can be for either preventative or restorative care, depending on the situation of each individual patient.

In focusing on the preventive aspect in particular, here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD, our dental health professionals have the experience and training necessary to help you make sure that you don’t end up having to deal with the unpleasant and destructive oral health conditions which can be brought on a result of neglecting your periodontal care.

Preventative Care and Maintenance

Periodontal dentistry deals with the teeth and gum tissues specifically, with greater attention to the gumline and preventing or treating infection and inflammations which come as a result of gum disease. The main focus is on the structure and support of the teeth and the strength and health of the gums.

Preventative care techniques are designed to thoroughly clean the teeth of the bacteria, plaque, tartar and other various debris and particles which collect at or below the gumline and cause serious issues when untreated.

Early Stages of Gum Disease

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. It is followed by slight periodontal disease which can still be classified as early stage, providing that it is dealt with swiftly. Periodontal disease advances rapidly and failing to have it treated early almost always results in major oral health issues down the road.

At first, it may not even seem like there is much cause for concern, but this is the wrong attitude to have about it. A slight toothache isn’t much of a problem at the beginning either, until it is throbbing constantly and you are unable to eat or drink. Just as with any oral or even general health issue that is continually neglected, it usually develops into something which cannot be ignored any longer. Early warning signs of gingivitis include lightly bleeding gums when brushing or eating hard, coarse foods, as well as slight tooth sensitivity.

Unlike the later stages of gum disease, gingivitis is actually still reversible. A good deep cleaning referred to as root scaling may be all that you need. In later stages, managing it is all you can hope to do.

Late Stages of Gum Disease

At this point, you are dealing with either moderate or advanced periodontal disease and the issues which accompany it are very serious. During this stage, the bleeding from the gums has become more frequent and heavy and may even happen spontaneously with no stimuli such as eating or brushing. Tooth shifting, looseness and even tooth loss are also common. Aggressive and immediate treatment will be needed at this point to try and contain the damage and preserve the remaining teeth.

Periodontal care is a critical aspect to your overall and long term dental health. Failure to stay on top of it can lead to a number of serious issues later on. Make it a point to come in and see us here at Thomas Plunkett, DMD to learn more. Our offices can be reached by dialing 863-372-1010.

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Periodontal Care - Dentist Lakeland, FL - Thomas Plunkett, DMD
When it comes to periodontal care specifically, it can be for either preventative or restorative care. Call Thomas Plunkett, DMD today, our dental health professionals can help!
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