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Wisdom Teeth
Lakeland, FL

Young woman smiling after wisdom teeth removal from Thomas Plunkett, DMD in Lakeland, FLWisdom teeth may either grow in smoothly or not at all in some people. On others, wisdom teeth can show up late, causing many problems. Wisdom teeth grow later after other permanent teeth. When there is not enough room in the mouth, the growth of wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort, infection, and other issues.

At Thomas Plunkett, DMD, our dentists will monitor your oral health for any signs that wisdom teeth might cause trouble. We have a reliable and dedicated team of dentists who, with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment, can handle any wisdom teeth-related issue.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth refer to the lower and upper third molars, which are situated at the back of the mouth. They come in late, between the ages of 17 to 21 years old and can easily affect your teeth alignment, especially when there is no space left.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The process of extracting wisdom teeth varies from one individual to the next. Our dentists will advise you if your wisdom teeth will cause dental problems or not. If yes, they will recommend oral surgery to help remove the wisdom teeth.

Our dentists use sedation or anesthesia before surgery. When the wisdom teeth are deep in the gum line, the dentist will make an incision in the gum, exposing the bone and tooth. The dentist can consider dividing the tooth into pieces before removing it when extracting it is difficult.

When the extraction process is complete, any remaining debris will be removed, and the site will be properly cleaned before stitching. Our dentists will apply gauze to help prevent bleeding.

Why Should You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are not always unable to erupt through the gums. They will, in most cases, lack enough space to emerge, or erupt at an angle. This can lead to jaw pain, swollen gums, pain when opening the mouth, and bad breath. Wisdom teeth also consume a lot of space in the mouth due to overcrowding. Other teeth can get damaged, leading to discomfort. Cleaning wisdom teeth is difficult, making them a good ground for infection. Our dentist will carry out extensive examinations and x-rays before recommending the best action.

What Should I Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Your wisdom teeth removal will likely be performed in your oral surgeon's office. Most removals take only minutes to perform, but you'll be under anesthesia or sedation to prevent discomfort. Once the teeth are removed, the gums are sutured shut. Remember that you will need a responsible driver to take you home following the extraction, as it will not be safe to drive after being heavily sedated.

What Is the Right Age to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Most of the patients who want their wisdom teeth to be removed are in most cases between 16 and 22 years old. The right time to extract wisdom teeth is when ½ to ¾ of the probable full tooth size is visible. It can be too challenging for the surgeon to hold onto the developing tooth.

What Are the Right Tooth Extraction Options?

It is possible to remove teeth using traditional extraction methods if they break through the gum surface. Traditional tooth extraction includes pulling the tooth after numbing the area and neighboring teeth. When the tooth is yet to break or is impacted, surgical tooth extraction methods will be used. The surgeon will cut the gum tissue to expose the tooth. The tooth will be lifted out after exposing it. Another option is to break the tooth into pieces and remove the pieces. The entire area will be cleaned after successful tooth extraction.

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Last?

Wisdom teeth removal duration will depend on the number of teeth removed. The extraction process can take between one to two hours to remove all wisdom teeth. For a single wisdom tooth, it will take 45 minutes or less. The dentist will give you anesthesia, so you do not feel pain during tooth extraction.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Expect to recover from wisdom tooth extraction within a week or two. During this period, you will experience swollen cheeks and mouth. It will worsen for a few days but slowly improve as the days pass. Make it a habit of pressing a cold, soft piece of cloth on the swollen cheeks to help reduce swelling. The recovery time will depend on the number of wisdom teeth removed and the complexity of the procedure. The healing process can take longer if you suffer from chronic health conditions like respiratory illness or diabetes.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Painful?

The process of removing wisdom teeth is straightforward. However, depending on the position of the wisdom teeth, some challenges can be experienced. Our dentists will first have a comprehensive understanding of the entire procedure. They will offer you an anesthetic to help numb the area and reduce pain. Our dentists are highly skilled in wisdom teeth extraction, and most patients will never notice that wisdom teeth have been removed.

How to Care for Your Mouth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Avoid dry sockets by resisting strenuous rinsing of the mouth 24 hours after undergoing oral surgery. People who smoke should avoid smoking for at least 48 hours to help speed up healing. Eat soft foods that need little chewing, like applesauce and eggs, at least 24 hours after surgery. Do not consume sticky, crunchy, or hard meals that can irritate the healing area. Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking water. Practice proper oral hygiene by gently brushing your teeth to help reduce bacteria quantity in the area. Rinse using warm salt water to dispose of food particles in open sockets. Ensure you follow the dentist's guidelines on the type of foods to eat, pain medication, drinks, and activity. Experiencing soreness after oral surgery is normal. Always use an ice pack to help reduce swelling. Open your mouth gently to exercise the jaw and ensure you get enough rest.

Are you experiencing pain around your wisdom teeth? Schedule an appointment with Thomas Plunkett, DMD, by calling us at 863-372-1010 today! We will develop a custom treatment plan for any wisdom teeth issue. Our customer support department is always ready to answer any questions you might have concerning wisdom teeth removal.

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